Products Warranty

  1. The Partner shall be responsible for providing warranty claims for the Products sold to customers ("Product Warranty") throughout the Term of the Agreement. This document is to be read together with the Agreement and form a part of the Agreement. This Product Warranty outlines the terms and responsibilities regarding consumer warranty claims, post-sales support, and related obligations.  

  2. In regard to all Products received and accepted by the Partner, Music Tribe will transfer or assign the rights associated with such Products (including warranty and indemnification rights) to the Partner. Consequently, the Partner shall assume full liability and responsibility for all warranties associated with the Products, both for past and future sales to be offered to customers. 

  3. Each Product sold under the Agreement will conform to its specifications for the warranty period (“Warranty Period”) as stated in the Music Tribe Limited Warranty (“Warranty”) that posted on the Music Tribe Community website.  

  4. All claims that raised by the customers for the Product Warranty which includes warranty coverage, repair, replacement, and/or other appropriate remedies as provided in the Warranty shall be handled by the Partner within the applicable Warranty Period. Music Tribe shall not be responsible or liable for any individual consumer Product Warranty. 

  5. The Partner is responsible for providing comprehensive post-sales support to the customers, which shall include addressing technical issues, troubleshooting, and ensuring the proper functioning of the Products within the Warranty Period. 

  6. The Partner is required to establish and maintain a robust service network to ensure timely and efficient Product Warranty to customers. This network should include qualified technicians and service centers capable of diagnosing and rectifying product issues promptly. 

  7. The Partner shall maintain an inventory of critical spare parts to facilitate quick and high-quality service to the customers. These critical spare parts should be readily available to ensure minimal downtime for customers seeking warranty support. 

  8. In the event of a mass defects is detected impacting a significant number of the Products being claimed by the customers, the Partner is required to promptly notify Music Tribe. Music Tribe will cooperate with the Partner to investigate, rectify and resolve the mass defect. 

  9. Music Tribe shall not be liable for any direct or indirect costs, losses, or damages incurred by the Partner related to Product Warranty, post-sales support, or any other responsibilities outlined in this Product Warranty. The Partner is solely responsible for the fulfilment of these obligations. 

  10. Music Tribe reserves the right to revise these terms from time to time, providing a notice period of 7 days before the changes become effective.