Order Process

  1. This order process (“Order Process”) outlines the terms upon order for the Products placed by the Partner and be accepted by Music Tribe in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement. 

  2. The Partner shall initiate all Products orders Music Tribe throughout the Term of the Agreement in accordance to the terms provided herein ("Order Process"). This document is to be read together with the Agreement and form a part of the Agreement. 

  3. Music Tribe will maintain sufficient stock levels for all Products and make every reasonable effort to ensure their availability. If any Products are temporarily out of stock, Music Tribe will at its commercially effort to replenish them within a 90-day period. 

  4. The Partner shall be given a log in web portal for the access to the account assigned to the Partner (“MT B2B Portal”) for the ordering of the Products (“Order”). The Partner is required to provide an email address for communication purposes. Any changes to the email address must be communicated to Music Tribe with at least seven (7) days' notice to become effective. 

  5. All Orders must be submitted to Music Tribe via the MT B2B Portal only, unless otherwise is updated by Music Tribe from time to time.  

  6. Music Tribe shall process the Order within a 72-hour timeframe upon its submission, and will provide a confirmation of the Order, specifying the available Products that have been ordered, via email. 

  7. Once the Products are prepared for shipment, Music Tribe will send the Partner a proforma invoice (“Proforma Invoice”) via email. This Proforma Invoice will include order details, including itemized costs and shipping charges.  

  8. The Partner is required to confirm the Proforma Invoice, and payment must be made to Music Tribe as per the Proforma Invoice terms within 14 days from the date of the Performa Invoice date, unless otherwise specified in the Agreement.  

  9. Upon payment is made to Music Tribe, the Partner is obligated to organize and coordinate the pickup of the Products within 14 days from the payment date. The Partner shall be responsible for any cost associated with the pickup. In the event that the Partner fails to pick up the Product within the specified timeframe provided herein, Music Tribe reserves the rights to levy a late pickup fee equal to 2% of the total payment at its sole discretion.  

  10. Orders with exceptions or custom requirements may have varying lead times, payment terms, and pickup arrangements, which will be communicated in writing separately by Music Tribe and the Partner. 

  11. The Partner is obligated to comply with the terms and conditions stipulated in this Order Process and Music Tribe shall not be held responsible for any claims, damages, consequences, delays, or additional charges imposed by third parties. 

  12. Music Tribe reserves the right to review, revise, and/or amend this Order Process periodically without prior notice to the Partner.