Order Policy

  1. Introduction: This Order Policy outlines the terms governing the ordering of Products by the Distributor, accepted by Music Tribe in accordance with the Agreement.

  2. Order Initiation by Distributor: The Distributor shall initiate all Product orders from Music Tribe throughout the Agreement's Term, adhering to the terms provided in this Order Policy, which is an integral part of the Agreement.

  3. Stock Availability: Music Tribe commits to maintaining sufficient stock levels for all Products.

  4. Music Tribe Store Access: The Distributor will be provided access via Logins to the Music Tribe Store for placing Orders. Communication will primarily occur through the provided email address, and any changes must be communicated with at least a seven (7) days' notice.

  5. Order Submission: All Orders must be submitted through the Music Tribe Store.

  6. Future Order: The Distributors are given the opportunity to place future orders based on the business requirement within one year shipment bracket on Music Tribe Store via Pre-Order function.

  7. Order Processing Time: Music Tribe undertakes to auto-confirm the Orders once placed via auto-confirmation email.

  8. Order Modification: Per the Policy effective from October 1st, 2023, Orders once placed on Music Tribe Store cannot be changed or cancelled by any means.
    Exception: Order Cancellation can only be entertained in case of unavailability of any product. Music tribe Sales Operations’ team will be notifying the Distributor in such case. Distributors can place a new order to fill container capacity.

  9. Proforma Invoice and Confirmation: Upon preparing the Products for shipment, Music Tribe will send a Proforma Invoice to the Distributor via email, including order details, itemized costs, and shipping charges.

  10. Payment Terms: The Distributor with Prepayment Terms, is required to confirm the Proforma Invoice, and payment must be made within 3 days from the date of the Proforma Invoice, unless otherwise specified in the Agreement.

  11. Product Pickup: Upon receipt of Proforma Invoice, the Distributor must organize and coordinate Product pickup within 14 days. The Distributor is responsible for associated pickup costs. Failure to pick up within the specified timeframe may result in a late pickup fee at Music Tribe's discretion. This clause only applies to such Distributors with Ex-Works Incoterms.

  12. Exceptions and Custom Orders: Orders with exceptions or custom requirements may have varying lead times, payment terms, and pickup arrangements, communicated separately in writing by Music Tribe and the Distributor.

  13. Communication Channels: The Distributors can reach out to the respective regional Sales Operations team via below email address to have their concerns and queries addressed, related to the sales order placed:
    For AMER: [email protected]
    For EMEA: [email protected]
    For APAC: [email protected]

  14. Compliance and Responsibility: The Distributor must comply with the terms in this Order Policy, and Music Tribe is not liable for any claims, damages, consequences, delays, or additional charges imposed by third parties.

  15. Policy Addendum: “Music Tribe reserves the right to unilaterally review, revise, and/or amend this Order Policy and shall serve a 30 days prior written notice to the Distributor to inform about any such revision/amendment. Any such changes shall apply to future orders only.”